Nzulezu Village on Water

Sunday: Nzeulezu was one of the most interesting places I have ever seen. It is an ancient community which started because it was fleeing war. They started their community on water as a way to protect itself from attack and fires.


While they have churches in their small village, they still practice ancient traditions. Each each, they sacrifice 30 sheep to the water god. If the sheep swim up to their boat they slice its throat and the blood goes to the god. If they drown or escape, they believe the god didn’t want it.

To get there, we had to drive almost 4 hours, hike through the mud, and canoe across a large lake. I found out afterward that there are crocodiles in the water… ummmm…

When I arrived, the first think I noticed was the poverty. There were unattended infants and a lot of trash. This community drinks the lake water and uses it for trash/restroom. The people in this village (built of wood and bamboo) are more exposed.

They have a small school through grade 6. The older kids canoe to middle and high school daily.

Also, they act as if we are invisible. The people and chief of the village made an agreement to get part of the proceeds, so while we are onlookers, they go on with their lives.

The water is low for 3 months a year, so it gives the kids a place to play for a while each year.

They just got electricity for the first time 9 months ago. It is run out there through rubber hoses.











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  1. Wow! This village is interesting to me as well. The one thing that caught my attention the most was their usage of the water. Do they use any method of purifiying it? If not, are there alot of sickness that the people get from drinking the water? I also thought it was interesting how they pretended that you were not there.

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