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When they vote, they use their thumb print. This occurs so those who can’t read can vote too. This also occurred in Iraq during their election.


A mama carrying her baby:


I have noticed that the Ghanaians seem to be pretty tolerant of the Christian-Muslim balance. A mosque:


Merchants are all over the side of the street. This is a main source of income for families. Some families use the money to help pay for their child’s school.


An Outer Banks sticker??? Say whhhhaaaatt???


5 thoughts on “More random photos

  1. The thumb print scan to vote actually isn’t all that bad of an idea. If they have to read to vote, that means they have competent voters (most likely). That’s a lot more high tech than what we do with the whole long check in process and long lines and hour long waits. That definitely would be a good thing to adopt, rather than what some people were proprosing the use of the ID/drivers license/passport. All of those cost a lot of time and money to get, but scanning you’re thumb should be pretty easy.

    • Mary, I may have written it incorrectly. They do NOT have to read to vote. That is why they use the thumb print. Also, it is used as a security system. They don’t have a tracking system for voting like US except through what they call “biometrics”- their thumbprint and photo. This helps to keep fraud at bay.

  2. As I’ve been looking at all your pictures, I’ve noticed that all the signs and menus seem to be in English. Is English one of the national languages, and are there others?

    • Yes, English is their main language. There are 10 regions too. Each region has their own tribal language as well. So, you hear both English and tribal.

  3. I think that the biometric scan idea is a better alternative, the US could use that instead of voter id cards. Also the Outer Banks sticker is cool.

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