Spelling and grammar

Just a heads up… I am doing the entire blog through my iPhone.. with limited Internet. So, I have a few minutes to write and post… then I have to hope it doesn’t drop connection before I post (otherwise I lose the entire post).

So… my apologies for the auto-correct and lack of proof reading… I’m just trying to get posts up when the Internet works 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spelling and grammar

  1. Where exactly are you gettting internet? What is the accessibility like in schools? What access to technology do students have and does it play a major role in their education?

    • I get Internet at my hotel. Technology is interesting… they learn about computers in elementary school (books). However, they don’t get to use it until jr high. Even then, maybe in a lab twice a month. In high school, they have much more computer access and a computer lab (most but not all).

      Everything is paid in cash. Everything. So the technology for sales isn’t really there.

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